R3 Green

Our Commitment To Green Business Practices

As a firm committed to environmental awareness and responsible (green) practices, R3 knows that our
actions affect our environment. That’s why we continually seek to reduce or eliminate any harmful effects
our activities may have on our planet.


How R3 cuts waste

As a business, we manage waste. “Waste” includes:

  • What we produce ourselves
  • What our suppliers produce when creating and packaging their products
  • Our use of energy
  • The consumption of fuel to transport products from vendors to us and from us to our customers


Reducing fuel consumption

R3 is committed to reducing consumption of fossil fuels. We do this by coordinating delivery schedules at our strategically located facilities across Canada. We stock thousands of products from multiple manufacturers so that you can order all the products you need through a single source.
R3 carefully manages our national fleet of trucks to ensure their fuel efficiency. Our vehicle tracking system helps us cut fuel consumption by helping us do the small things, like reducing engine idling time.
We work with our customers to develop delivery schedules that serve both our shared need for timely deliveries and our fuel efficiency objectives. It’s one way we provide our customers the ability to consolidate the procurement and delivery of a broad range of products, reducing the number of deliveries they receive.
More efficient, less frequent deliveries from multiple manufacturers offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced fuel consumption required when deliveries are made
  • This leaves more fuel, a non-renewable resource, available for the future.
  • Reduced truck emissions into the atmosphere, slowing the greenhouse effect on the environment.


Sourcing from green vendors

R3 also seeks vendor partners who similarly strive to improve their offerings while reducing their impact on the environment.We evaluate vendors based on the fuel we need to consume to do business with them. Vendors who offer reduced case sizes and ship products more economically are among our preferred suppliers. Collectively, we source environmentally friendly products for our customers.We look for those who use innovative solutions such as:

  • Reducing shipping unit sizes and the amount of raw material used to produce products and packages (for example, by using Bag-In-A-Box for packaging liquid products)

  • Using the CleanGredient database as a resource to create environmentally-friendly products


Our branches recycle paper and plastics. The more we can recycle, the fewer non-renewable resources we take from the environment, the less energy we use to create new products using virgin resources, the less waste we send to landfills, and the easier we are on the environment.

 Reuse Symbol

Electricity Usage

We’ve historically used metal halide lights in our warehouses. These lights take several minutes to fully power up and “burn” all day long. We’re converting our warehouses to fluorescent lights that use less electricity, and we’re combining them with motion detectors to cost-effectively manage our energy use. Warehouses where this new system is in place are reporting reductions of 30 per cent in kilowatt usage.

R3 engages in recycling programs to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. We offer products, information and support to help you and your customers establish green programs. We actively reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. Do your part – make R3 your source for green products.


Getting Started

Going green is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It’s a continuum of steps that can be implemented either one at a time, or in concert. These steps include:

Reducing Waste – Waste reduction takes many forms. For instance, you can ensure cleaning staff properly use cleaning products. You can implement recycling programs. Bonus: whatever waste reduction steps you take, you’ll likely find they both protect the environment and improve the bottom line.

Changing Procedures – A green-cleaning program is the result of everyday processes that become part of a company’s way of doing business. Stay open to the latest in the ever-evolving field of green technologies to continually improve your company’s procedures.

Staff Training – Managers must first understand best practices in order to both achieve green cleaning goals and communicate these practices to their staff. R3 can help you get the training you need. We have the knowledge, information and expertise to provide you with onsite instruction on how to properly use the products you purchase from us.

Certification – Like the green products being used, cleaning crews and housekeeping staff – even facilities themselves – can be awarded green clean certification by meeting specific standards established by third-party groups and following governmental guidelines .

Switching from Traditional Cleaning Products to Green Ones – This step can include switching to products made from recycled paper, no-VOC chemicals, high-filtration vacuums, microfiber wipes and mops. Each of the above items works as well as traditional products, and R3 offers a wide selection of these and other green products in our catalogue.

To help you go green, we’ve changed the text colour to green  in our catalogue to identify the product’s with green certifications. Check the back of our catalogue for a list of the certifying organizations. R3 can help you help your customers reach their green goals. For more information, please contact your R3 sales representative. We’ll gladly answer any questions you might have.