A Message from the President

An Update

John Howlett

It’s been a while since I last shared news of the progress we’ve made with our R3 wholesale business model

Over the past year we’ve worked even harder to understand what matters to our customers, how to make R3 the one place our customers go for packaging, janitorial/sanitation and safety products. We met with our customers across Canada. We conducted surveys, asking how we can build a company that serves them better.

We summarized what you told us into this graph. 


Customer Importance Graph








Changes for R3 Canada

We made the changes listed below to deliver the value you said you want from us. Every one of these changes supports one objective: making us the partner that best helps you realize a greater return on your invested capital.

  • To supplement our R3 outside sales team, we are adding more inside sales resources to serve you.
  • We have launched a national product offering supported by print and electronic catalogues. We designed this offering to ensure availability of 95 per cent of the products your customers buy from you. Most products can be delivered the day after you order. We offer dependable lead times for all products, including slower-moving items.
  • We ensure our stock is carefully managed and replenished every day. This is how we achieve the dependable delivery and fulfillment rates that help you maintain your customers’ loyalty.
  • We are implementing new pricing science so we can be more sensitive to market rates and provide you with fair prices that enable you to make acceptable returns for the service you offer to your customers.
  • Our “Version 2” R3 website is the first of a series of updates to our web presence that will provide customers with tools they can use to build their businesses. These tools include electronic ordering, information sourcing and electronic customized advertising. We’ve designed the site to be easy to use and a valuable resource to our customers.

We have other changes in the pipeline, and we will stay in touch with you, to solicit your comments and feedback, to ask you how we’re doing.

At R3, our goal is to deliver what you tell us you value. We strive to continuously exceed your expectations. You have my word on that.

Best Regards,


John Howlett

Division President, Canada