Markets Served

Healthcare Market Overview

R3 supplies a comprehensive range of disposable healthcare consumables to distributors in the healthcare sector including hospitals, retirement and nursing homes and doctors’ surgeries and clinics.

Products include gloves, aprons, bandages, face masks, gowns, headwear, mattress covers, overshoes, procedure packs, tapes, wipes, incontinence products and swabs.

Health Care Market

Industrial Market Overview

Whether you are a large distributor with a network of warehouses and outlets, or a niche distributor specializing in supplies, superior service and product expertise, R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource can help you grow your business by expanding the product bundle you have to offer.

We combine our national distribution network with our specialized expertise so you can have the right item for whatever your customer needs. With thousands of products in stock from hundreds of manufacturers you can be confident when your customer demands it you will have it from R3.

Industrial Market

Office Supply

R3 supplies a comprehensive range of goods for resale in to department stores, boutiques, office supply companies, retail chains and home improvement chains.
Products include counter service packaging, point of purchase display items, stationery and a full range of cleaning and hygiene products. 





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