JanSan MopYour customers need application-specific products to help them work quickly and efficiently. Help them succeed. Order the right products from R3.

R3 can supply your company with every janitorial or sanitation product you may need. We offer:

  • Bathroom tissue and dispensers from Prime Source, Kimberly-Clark, Metro, Kruger, SCA and Frost
  • Can liners and containers from Ralston, Vileda, and Rubbermaid
  • Cleaning products from Prime Source, Green Works, Clorox Commercial Solutions, Colgate-Palmolive, Diversey, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Rubbermaid, Hospeco, and 3M
  • Deodorants and aerosol/gel/solid/wick deodorant systems from Prime Source, Hospeco, Diversey and Rubbermaid
  • Dusting products, vacuums, sweepers, brushes and brooms from Hospeco, P&G, Rubbermaid and Vileda
  • Facial tissue from Prime Source, Kruger, Kimberly-Clark, Metro and SCA
  • Floor cleaning products from Prime Source, 3M, Vileda, Rubbermaid, Diversey and Dustbane
  • Matting from MatTech
  • Mopping products from Vileda, Rubbermaid and 3M
  • Paper towels and dispensers from Prime Source, Kimberly-Clark, Metro, P&G, SCA, Scott and Tork
  • Personal hygiene and associated products from Hospeco, Rubbermaid, Frost and Kimberly-Clark
  • Shipping supplies from, Cantech and Sigma Stretch Film
  • Skin care products and dispensers from Prime Source, Diversey and Gojo
  • Washroom hardware from Frost, Rubbermaid and Kimberly-Clark
  • Wipers and dispensers from Kimberly-Clark, SCA, Kruger and Hospeco
  • Sponges and miscellaneous cleaning tools from 3M, Vileda, P&G and Rubbermaid

Our customers order janitorial and sanitation products just in time. They do more wholesale procurement using fewer staff, so they need logistics partners they can count on. Partners that minimize delivery times and freight costs. Partners that continually innovate to deliver ever more value.

So we set up our inside sales organization to expedite order delivery, shortening the path from our warehouses to the end user. Find out for yourself – call R3 today.