Increase Your Profitability


You need to control your inventory costs and the strain they place on your working capital. Why not have a trusted wholesale partner help you? A partner that specializes in receiving, storing and shipping thousands of products every day in its warehouses. A partner whose size bestows economies of scale that few companies can attain. A partner that passes on savings from those economies of scale, plus its expertise, to its customers. A partner like R3.

Imagine the possibilities.

You fulfill your customers’ demands without tying up working capital in inventory. You do away with non-productive, high-cube, low-money-contribution inventory. You improve fulfillment rates and turnover and we become your "virtual warehouse". You handle invoicing and receivables while R3 takes care of all your inventory-related concerns.

Let’s think of the product cost as just the tip of the iceberg…


Case Cost


Let R3 be your virtual warehouse, your route to operational savings. Call us today for all your janitorial/sanitation, packaging and safety product needs.